Former TARP inspector general says that people should not support a corrupt government that aids and bets financial fraud (links to Bloomberg now removed):  →

The root of all the West’s ills can be found in Isaiah 1:22:  →

Ron Paul tells it like it is…

He explains why central banking is an abomination that destroys the middle class and destroys savings:  →

The Academy Award winning movie no one has heard of…  →

The Live Free or Die state affirms jury nullification and its Sheriffs go after the real fraudsters, the banks.

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FRAUD-closure is a crime!

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Uncle Sam’s Real Estate Fire Sale

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TARP failure:  →

Federal judge who gets Fannie/Freddie fraud:

Order Granting Oakland County’s Motion for Summary Judgment Against Fannie/Freddie FHFA RE Transfer Taxes on Deeds’s-motion-summary-judgment-against-fanniefreddie  →

Rage grows over mortgage deal

$25 Billion Settlement Reality, Fool Me Once Shame on You, Fool Me Twice Shame on Me (and all participating AGs):  →