Notes from Bill's Presentation to Business Group on How to Survive a Currency Crisis

Premises: St. Louis Fed stats show that Fed has more than doubled the monetary base (high powered money) since October 2008. The reason there is no money in circulation (M1, M2, M3) is because (a) Fed is bribing banks to  →

Ron Paul Explains How Americans Can "ONCE AGAIN Become The Standard For A Free Society


Wells Employee Explains Why You Can't Get a Loan Modification  →

Nota Bene  →

The Fed in One Lesson – VIDEO


Hilarious – VIDEO


The Bottom – I think will be when the Gold to S&P 500 ratio is 5 : 1 and/or Dow to Gold is 1 : 1.

There is a reason that Jesus Christ turned over the money changers’ tables. His Father hates false measures.  →