Below are Butler Liberty Law’s responses to Star Tribune reporter Randy Furst’s attacks.   It was apparent from Mr. Furst’s initial call that his intent is to discredit me and Butler Liberty Law.  It is also apparent that he is working with someone in the federal court system.  In our first phone call he was privy to a court order directed at me that had not been circulated and had not been served on me.  It is a violation of judicial ethics for judges or their agents to contact third parties (including the press) regarding pending cases.  Mr. Furst had my cell phone number which we do not give out.

The links below direct you to our responses to each article, and the specific information we provided Mr. Furst in advance of each of his articles.  As you will learn, Mr. Furst concedes that he is writing “hit pieces” on me, and that the clients he has spoken to (we gave him a list of 15 or so) say excellent things about us.

The First Hit Piece:  “Exasperated Federal Judges”

The Second and Third Hit Pieces Regarding Eight Circuit Decisions that Came Out Right After Hit Piece No. 1