Below is our full response to Randy Furst’s inquiry regarding the federal court suspension:

From: Bill Butler <>
Subject: Fwd: Welk v GMAC 201 Requests
Date: January 15, 2014 4:16:57 PM CST
To: Randy Furst <>

Got your message Randy.

Here is my reaction to the 8th Circuit and Federal District Court’s Order.

First, these courts need to recognize that they are not fighting Bill Butler, they are fighting the truth.   The truth is that there are 62 million invalid securitized mortgages and courts are doing everything they can to resist this truth.   Below I have attached 7 Requests for Rule 201 Notice showing in black and white that 7 out of 7 foreclosures are void.  These 7 properties were at issue in the original $50,000 sanctions case issued by Judge Schiltz.   I will post them on my website for your readers.  It is clear that these foreclosures are void.  I I have nearly 400 more cases just like these 7.   The federal courts have repeatedly ignored the facts and ignored 150 years of Minnesota quiet title law and dismissed nearly 400 cases in a ham-handed attempt to protect national banks holding securitized mortgages.   In short, the federal courts are now abetting fraudulent foreclosures.

Second, I am relieved that I can no longer practice before these courts.  They will not let truth in the door.  They have broken every rule in this disciplinary process and ignored every relevant fact and applicable law in my quiet title cases.  Minnesota citizens seeking justice against national banks cannot get anything close to justice in Minnesota federal courts.

I am still licensed to practice before all Minnesota State Courts, the United States Supreme Court, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Tax Court. I will do my best to find a forum where my clients can get a fair shake.

The 201 requests showing that 7 out 7 foreclosures are void in the case in which Judge Schiltz sanctioned Bill $50,000 can be found here.

Bill’s Response to the federal court’s disciplinary action brought in the federal courts is here.   The response shows how and why 62 million securitized mortgages–including those held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–are void.